Bantian Railway Station


Bantian station (Chinese: 坂田站) is a railway station in Shenzhen on the Pingnan railway. Passengers were able to take trains at the station before the suspension of passenger services on 28 December 2013.

I took a video of train No. K256 stopping at Bantian station at 17:20 on 19 August 2012. At that time, only a few up trains stopped at the station, and down trains did not stop.

The original video was taken with an old mobile phone and is in AVI format. To adapt to modern devices, I converted it to MP4 format. Both versions are available here.

Watch online:

There is a post containing more information about what Bantian station is like in 2012, which can be found here (in Cantonese).

(Published on 15 January 2021)